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Let's Talk Family Enterprise

Apr 13, 2021

Welcome to Let’s Talk Family Enterprise, a podcast that explores the ideas, concepts and models that best serve Family Enterprise Advisors in supporting their clients.

All views, information and opinions expressed during this podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Family Enterprise Exchange or its employees.

In this episode, Dr. Lee Hausner sits down with Ruth Steverlynck for part 2 of our 2-part conversation, answering questions posed by FEAs. Topics covered in this podcast include the “big reveal”, money and meaning, talking about money, the important role of philanthropy in wealth transition and more.

Guest bio
Dr. Lee Hausner is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, business consultant, and family wealth advisor. She served as the senior psychologist for the Beverly Hills Unified School District for 19 years and is currently the Senior Managing Director for First Foundation Advisors. Dr. Hausner is a graduate of Northwestern University (BA, Psychology), San Francisco State University (MA, Psychology), and Kensington University (Ph.D., Psychology).

You can find out more about Dr. Lee Hausner here.

Key Takeaways
[0:30] Ruth Steverlynck introduces Part 2 of the discussion with Dr. Hausner.

[3:00] The discussion starts with Dr. Hausner’s answer to the question “when, how and how much do we tell our children about the wealth they will receive when it comes to wealth transition?”

[7:37] Dr. Hausner touches on the role achievement plays in the coming generations and how to manage the profound impacts on children of the last great taboo in our modern society.

[12:24] Does age matter when discussing estate planning? Dr. Hausner shares her take on when the right time might be.

[15:30] Fear of entitlement can lead to withholding teachable moments as it relates to certain particular life skills, Dr. Hausner weighs in on the importance of transparency.

[19:20] Dr. Hausner shares some tips on how to protect more vulnerable heirs as well as gifting.

[23:00] In a technological world, handling money has become a more abstract concept. Does this have an impact on how children learn healthy financial habits?

[24:40] As more women become wealth owners, Dr. Hausner touches on how marriage relationships may be affected in the future.

[29:35] Dr. Hausner shares how she has handled emotional situations in her professional practice and why working with families can create a blurred boundary between the personal and professional.

[33:04] Is walking away from a family something you can do as an advisor?

[37:37] Dr. Lee Hausner’s advice for advisors.

[39:41] Ruth thanks Dr. Hausner and invites listeners to subscribe to the podcast.

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