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Let's Talk Family Enterprise

Jun 14, 2022


Welcome to Let’s Talk Family Enterprise, a podcast that explores the ideas, concepts, and models that best serve Family Enterprise Advisors in supporting their clients.


All views, information, and opinions expressed during this podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Family Enterprise Canada.



Host Ruth Steverlynck sits down with Amy Hart Clyne, co-author of Finding Her Voice And Creating A Legacy, to learn more about the genesis of this research and delve into the stories of these amazing women. Amongst what is shared are some key takeaways for advisors working with or seeking to work with women in family enterprises and women leading wealthy families.


Guest bio

Amy Hart Clyne, CFP® is Chief Knowledge & Learning Officer at Pitcairn. She has dedicated more than 30 years of her financial services career to helping prosperous families fulfill the promise and potential of their legacies and achieve wealth momentum. As an expert in private wealth management, Amy has spent her career translating the needs and desires of ultra-wealthy families and their advisors into practical insights and solutions-based experiences that educate, excite, and engage.


Amy has an MBA in Marketing from Columbia Business School, Columbia University, and a BA in International Relations from Colgate University. She has earned the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designation as well as the Family Business Advisor certification from the Family Firm Institute.


You can find out more about Amy Hart Clyne on her LinkedIn.


Key Takeaways

[0:26] Ruth Steverlynck welcomes today’s guest, Amy Hart Clyne — Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer with Pitcairn in New York — and asks her to share a little bit about the genesis of her latest book: Finding Her Voice And Creating A Legacy.


[4:59] Amy shares the methodology she and David Jaffe used to select the women to be interviewed in the context of the book. She also talks about some surprising findings they made along the way.


[6:36] Amy talks about how the title is reflective of the two most important themes distilled from the interviews with these women of wealth both in the inherited and new wealth categories.


[9:47] Roles and outdated stereotypes are beginning to fade in society at large, but Amy shares how this phenomenon is strangely slower to reach families of wealth.


[12:08] Widowhood is rarely talked about, but Amy’s book dedicates an entire chapter to the subject and its ramifications. She shares some specifics as well as a story that she heard from women of wealth on this quasi-taboo subject.


[17:38] Amy shares two distinct stories from the book that illustrate the importance of relationship building. One woman called herself the force multiplier in a blended family and the other became the driving force in fostering unity in her family.


[24:17] An entire chapter is dedicated to the role of advisors, Amy shares her perspective on how advisors can better serve women of wealth as well as some pitfalls to avoid. She also touches on what she means by legacy mindset when it comes to widowhood.


[29:19] Amy shares her advice for advisors as well as her reading recommendations.


[34:30] Ruth thanks Amy for joining us and sharing these nuggets from her research!


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Finding Her Voice and Creating a Legacy: Portraits of Pioneering Women Leading Wealthy Families, by Amy Hart Clyne and Dennis T. Jaffe


Amy’s reading recommendation: Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You don’t Know, by Adam Grant


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