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Let's Talk Family Enterprise

Feb 11, 2020


Welcome to Let’s Talk Family Enterprise, a podcast that explores the ideas, concepts and models that best serve Family Enterprise Advisors in supporting their clients.



Steve Legler is our guest host today and he welcomes Mary Duke, Independent Family Advisor based in New York City to talk about human capital and the emergence of the Chief Learning Officer role for families.


Guest bio

Mary Duke is an internationally recognized advisor to families navigating the complexities of substantial wealth. Her work is anchored in the facilitation of family meetings, strategic planning for owned businesses, private trust companies and family offices and the education and mentoring of family members around the world.

She is known for her deep expertise on the impact of trusts on families and her work in generational transition in family enterprises, and she is a licensed attorney and accountant. She has served in private client law and business consulting.


Key Takeaways

[0:16] Steve introduces Mary Duke and invites her to share a little background on the work she does as an advisor to families.

[3:20] Mary touches on the predictable, but more importantly the less easy to anticipate events that may arise — especially in light of the fundamental change some economists are calling the intangible/4th/experience economy.

[5:33] Mary talks about the underlying qualities one has to hone for long term success and helps family members practice them through experiential learning.

[8:55] It’s easy for families to grow apart, so Mary works at creating patterns of behaviour and helps families work better and make better decisions together.

[10:20] On the challenges of getting the quiet voices in a family to be heard, as well as how to evolve in your role when advising a family.

[12:45] Steve and Mary discuss when it may be time to bring in an outside person.

[13:33] Mary explains what she means by human capital — but first, she talks about what a Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is and why it’s a growing position, as well as some of the lessons we can apply to our families.

[19:20] You have to invest both time and money in your human capital.

[20:18] Mary’s tips on how to grow and measure the individual human capital.

[22:53] Mary’s tips on how to effectively and soundly grow collectively.

[25:36] Mary shares her thoughts on governance, what it is and how it can be used.

[26:50] Steve asks what the Chief Learning Officer’s job is.

[29:08] Mary’s parting thoughts.

[30:06] Steve thanks Mary for her time and experience, then invites listeners to subscribe and tune in for the next episode.


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“Growing your Family’s Human Capital: Ten Lessons from the Emergence of the CLO”


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