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Let's Talk Family Enterprise

Apr 9, 2024

In this episode, host Steve Legler speaks with Professor Peter Vogel of IMD Business School to discuss Vogel's recent book, Family Office Navigator. Together, they highlight the critical role advisors can play when business families consider setting up a family office or want to take a fresh look at what they currently...

Mar 12, 2024

Ambreen Bhaloo, Family Enterprise Advisor, guest hosts this episode and welcomes Francesco Barbera, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at The Ted Rogers School of Management for an in-depth discussion on the issue of homogeneity (all family firms are the same) vs. heterogeneity (all family firms are...

Feb 13, 2024

In this episode, Host and Family Enterprise Advisor, Aileen Miziolek, talks with Purpose & Identity Coach Perry Gladstone about how family businesses benefit from NextGen innovation and creativity while sharing solutions that allow all parties involved to find the agency and support they need to make it happen.


Jan 9, 2024

In their traditional annual “retrospective” episode, hosts Steve Legler and Ruth Steverlynck discuss highlights from some of the episodes that debuted in 2023, hoping to stimulate listeners to re-listen for great content they may have missed the first time.


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